The 5 Things You Need to Know (VAB Members-Only Series)
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Members-Only Series - The 5 Things You Need to Know to Help You Sell - Winter 2021

A VAB Members-Only Series

We’re pleased to bring back this new, members-only series, The Five Things You Need to Know. This series is designed specifically for you, our members, to support you as you meet with clients and advertisers. In these 20-minute sessions we’ll prepare you with the essential data, trends and insights you need to know as you navigate the marketplace. Our unique “marketer’s lens” means you’ll get an insider’s perspective on what advertisers are looking for when developing their campaigns. 

** If you would like a link to the session recordings, please reach out to Dylan HERE.

Session 1:  The 5 Reasons Why an Audience-First Buying Strategy Will Expand Your Clients' Customer Base and Grow Revenue

Advertisers come to you to help develop campaigns and solutions that will make a positive impact on their business. An audience-first TV buying strategy has been proven to help marketers not only grow their customer base but also achieve their business KPIs. In this session, we support your efforts to guide advertisers toward an audience-first strategy.

We’ll equip you with 5 reasons you can share with your clients to show why audience buying can make a big impact on their bottom line.

Session 2:  The 5 Reasons Why Your Clients Should Include a Streaming Component to Their Video Campaigns

It’s no surprise to learn that nearly every American adult has streamed video in the last year. As a result, streaming video offers marketers a tremendous incremental reach opportunity, as well as a highly engaged audience. In this session, we’ll support your efforts in selling your streaming platforms, applications, or services by showing how prevalent streaming is and the tremendous upside for marketers looking to drive business KPIs like incremental reach, website visits and sales.

We’ll equip you with 5 reasons why streaming video is an important component of your clients’ campaigns.

Session 3: The 5 New Opportunities for Your New Business Prospecting in 2022

The lingering impact of the COVID-19 pandemic continues to influence consumer behavior. Many purchase trends born out of the last 18 months have grown more permanent. As a result, new categories have established themselves and new brands have entered the advertising marketplace. In this session, we’ll support your new business prospecting efforts with detailed intel on which categories and brands have started advertising on TV. We’ll share which ones appear to be COVID related vs. not, and how much each category and brand is spending.

We’ll equip you with 5 new opportunities to consider as you develop new business in 2022.

***If your company is a member, and you haven't received a link to the sessions, please reach out to Dylan HERE.

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