VAB Audience-Based Buying Week
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VAB Audience-Based Buying week

5 Days of Education, Insights and Inspiration for Your TV Buying Strategies

Nearly 4 in 10 brand marketers say that audience-based buying is a key part of their TV strategy and 91% expect a “significant shift” away from traditional TV buying to an audience-based approach over the next 3 years.

As the industry continues to evolve, we’re keeping you informed with VAB Audience-Based Buying Week. We will prepare you with the latest thinking, data and insights to help you stay ahead of what’s next.

During the week, we’ll be releasing new Insights content and bringing you real-world brand examples and fresh perspectives from industry leaders. Join us!

Monday, 5/10:  The Fundamentals – What is Audience-Based Buying? Why is it important? How do we know it drives business results for brands?

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Tuesday, 5/11: NEW VAB research release! 

In this VAB Top 10, we’ll be unveiling the highlights of our custom study, commissioned in partnership with Spectrum Reach. We take a unique look at how the ad industry is adopting an audience-first mindset. We’ll look at topics like how marketers are embracing new ways of buying, the shifts in investment priorities (particularly since COVID) & the belief in ABB to drive business outcomes.  See what your peers are doing in this growing and important space. You’ll be among the first to receive this piece when it’s released on Tuesday morning.

Tuesday, 5/11 WEBINAR- "Ask the Experts” from Cox Media: Why Local Businesses are Shifting Towards an Audience-First Mindset

Only 1 in 5 marketers believes they are reaching the right audience with their advertising message. VAB EVP, Danielle DeLauro joins Cox Media to explain how, through audience-based buying, you can target your customer with minimal waste, ensuring every dollar spent is maximized. Through real-world examples, you’ll learn what audience-based buying is, why it has quickly gained momentum and the upside it has generated for local businesses.

Wednesday, 5/12: VAB INSPIRE Webinar - An Insider's Look at the Industry's Shift to Audience-Based Buying

Join the VAB’s SVP and Director of Insights Jason Wiese and Insights Manager, Leah Montner-Dixon as they share the highlights and key takeaways from the custom study among marketers commissioned in partnership with Spectrum Reach. See how the industry is adopting an audience-first mindset, how marketers are applying it to their multiscreen TV buys, what benefits they are seeing and their approach to budgeting.

Thursday, 5/13: Moving TV Forward: Audience Based Buying with the AND Platform, an Ampersand & VAB INSPIRE Webinar

Our industry is in the midst of a transformational shift. At the heart of it:  Audience Based Buying. In such transformation, how can advertisers feel secure and confident with their dollars? Powered by the largest set of set-top-box viewership insights in the industry, Ampersand's Senior Director of Measurement Solutions, Greg Friend, will discuss how Ampersand's AND platform is an effective resource for advertisers looking for innovation and efficient reach of their audiences wherever and whenever they're watching television. See this platform brought to life through a case study highlighting the auto category.

Friday, 5/14: Precision + Performance to Drive Impact, an A+E Networks & VAB INSPIRE Webinar

As the industry inches closer and closer to a true solve for cross-platform optimization, the A+E Precision+Performance team are at the forefront of initiative. In this webinar, Roseann Montenes, VP Precision+Performance, will share best practices for advanced targeting and measurement.  She’ll then show A+E Networks’ methodology at work through three case studies with leading consumer brands all with different KPIs, all which have delivered proven, accurate and reliable results.

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