Buying Premium Video: New Guidance
Across the Industry

There is an urgency for greater accountability and transparency in the video advertising industry that has never been greater. As you may have seen, VAB has been advocating for a marketplace where all video advertising platforms are held to the same high standard set by multiscreen TV. 

Now, we are partnering with the Freewheel Council for Premium Video on a new initiative to define and provide guidance for the industry around buying premium video advertising. “Buying Premium Video: A Definitive Checklist” clearly outlines the factors that buyers and sellers should consider when engaging in video transactions. 

According to the checklist, there are three key factors that buyers should demand when buying premium video. These include:

  • Quality Environment: Uphold audience trust and standards with trusted programmatic delivery, less clutter and an optimal viewing experience.
  • Brand Safety: Hold partners accountable for brand requirements and avoid objectionable content, with legitimate verification processes.
  • Transparency & Legitimacy: Know exactly what you are buying, ensuring viewable ads are running in appropriate content, and seen by real people. 

This valuable guidance illustrates the higher standard of transparency delivered by premium video platforms and how it can empower marketers to make more informed buying decisions. In addition, also serving to advocate for the value of premium standards and addressing the need for a more transparent, trusted and brand-safe environment.

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