The Five Things You Need to Know: VAB Member-Exclusive Sessions - Spring 2021
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A VAB Members-Only Series

We’re pleased to bring back this new, members-only series, The Five Things You Need to Know. This series is designed specifically for you, our members, to support you as you meet with clients and advertisers. In these 20-minute sessions we’ll prepare you with the essential data, trends and insights you need to know as you navigate the marketplace. Our unique “marketer’s lens” means you’ll get an insider’s perspective on what advertisers are looking for when developing multiscreen strategies and buys. 

Join us for one session, two or all!

If your company is a member, and you haven't received a link to the sessions, please reach out to Marjory HERE.

Session 1:  The Five Reasons That Will Motivate Your Clients to Adopt an Audience-First Buying Mindset 

We know that advancements in data, measurement and targeting hold great opportunity for advertisers. Couple this with increasingly restricted ad supply of traditional buying demos and it’s clear marketers should be swiftly evolving towards an audience-first mindset, yet many are still placing buys based on age and gender. We look at this disconnect through the marketer’s lens and equip you with the facts and reasons that support a shift towards audience-based buying. 

We will prep you for your next meeting with: 

  • * The realities around the U.S. shifting population dynamics and growth of the 50+ group.
  • * The implications of the ad supply for traditional demos. 
  • * The lucrative upside of marketing to the often-underrepresented older demographic.
  • * Real-world success stories – case studies from brands who’ve embraced audience-based buying and driven upper-funnel metrics like                awareness. 
  • * Real-world success stories – case studies from brands who’ve embraced audience-based buying and driven lower-funnel metrics like                website visits and sales.

Session 2:  The Five New Opportunities for Your 2021 New Business Prospecting 

Did you know that despite the uncertainty brought about by the pandemic, nearly $1.3 billion entered the national TV marketplace in 2020 from 283 first-time national advertisers across 95 product categories? 

What we’ll cover: 

  • * Get an insider’s look at what buying strategies these first-time TV advertisers are employing.
  • * See where the opportunity is - which categories are growing
  • * Learn who the new players are – get a list of these new brands who’ve started on TV and how much they are spending. 
  • * Learn which brands launched particularly in response to the pandemic and are poised to grow in the future. 

Session 3: The Five Ways TV Can Drive Business Results for Your Brand 

Whether a brand is new to TV advertising or has been running campaigns for years, we often hear these questions from them. Be prepared with the fact-based answers to these commonly asked questions about “whether TV works.” 

  • * How long will it take to see impact from my TV investment, and does it matter if I’m a direct-to-consumer brand or not? 
  • * How much impact have young, first-time advertisers seen from their TV campaigns? 
  • * To what extent can a consistent on-air presence impact my business outcomes? 
  • * How should I think about my TV investment? Is there a strategy that is proven to generate better outcomes? 
  • * If I can’t afford to advertise my brand consistently on TV, is there a benefit to running a TV campaign?

You have questions. We have answers.

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