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The State of TV Measurement 2023 

an Executive Roundtable Series

 Tuesday, August 8 - Thursday, August 10, 2023

VAB and our curated lineup of industry experts bring you 3 insightful conversations on the current and future state of modern TV measurement.

As a part of our ongoing commitment to help marketers harness the growing innovation and opportunity within modern measurement, we invite you to tune in to The State of TV Measurement 2023, A VAB INSPIRE Series. Following the insightful discussions from our 2022 series, we are once again bringing you the candid conversations, expert perspectives, and sharp insights to equip you with an understanding of the critical issues – and opportunities – within modern measurement.

Series Lineup


The State of Modern Video Measurement in 2023

Tuesday, August 8 | 12:00-12:30pm ET

This view-from-the-top conversation takes a broad look at the key topics, challenges and opportunities in video measurement today. We discuss the progress made to date, as well as the industry collaborations and initiatives that are advancing measurement and driving results for marketers. With perspectives from buy and sell sides, this discussion would equip you to successfully harness and navigate the innovation that modern measurement offers.

What you'll learn:

  • The latest on many of the important topics in measurement such as identity resolution, audience viewership data collection, cross-platform measurement, quality metrics, and accurate representation in measurement.
  • The key challenges marketers are facing and how advanced measurement is helping them to make better-informed decisions and optimizations.
  • The major industry initiatives that are, and will be, impacting how marketers plan, buy and measure campaigns.

  • In Partnership with


    Sean Cunningham

    President and CEO


    Tom Weiss

    Chief Data Scientist


    Kelly Abcarian

    EVP, Measurement and Impact, Advertising and Partnerships


    Damian Garbaccio

    President, Chief Business, Marketing, and Commercial Officer


    Celeste Castle

    Executive Vice President, Head of Research and Measurement

    DAY 2

    Currency Evolution: The Shift to a Multi-Currency Landscape and the Opportunities for Marketers

    Wednesday, August 9 | 12:00-12:30pm ET

    In this conversation, we turn our attention to video currency and the dramatic changes and new opportunities in this growing marketplace. Leaders from across our industry share their perspectives on how the shift to a multi-currency landscape will impact how marketers plan, buy, and measure their video ad campaigns. We discuss the challenges for both buyers and sellers in this evolving marketplace, as well as how innovation and choice is enabling brand growth.

    What you'll learn:

  • How the evolution and expansion of currency options is impacting the video marketplace and what it means for how marketers transact and buy their cross-video campaigns.
  • What we learned/are learning from the ‘22/23 upfront negotiations.
  • Predictions on what the multi-currency marketplace of the future might look like.

  • In Partnership with


    Kerry Flynn

    Media Deals Reporter


    Roseann Montenes

    SVP, Audience Innovation and Alternative Currency


    Michael Piner

    EVP, Advanced Advertising


    Steve Murtos

    SVP, Brand Partnerships


    Elsa Blumberg

    AVP, Client Analytics

    DAY 3

    The Future of Video Measurement: Harnessing Innovation to Grow Your Brand or Business

    Thursday, August 10 | 12:00-12:30pm ET

    In this conversation, we dive into what’s next in video measurement. We would equip you with an understanding of the trends, innovations and marketplace solutions we expect to see over the next 12-18 months. This discussion would help you future-proof your brand or business and take advantage of all that modern measurement has to offer.

    What you'll learn:

  • Which aspects of video measurement do we see the most change and innovation in, why, and what that means for your marketing and measurement plans.
  • Why the role of identity and privacy is central to future innovation and the ways it will evolve and impact measurement.
  • What marketers can do now to future-proof the measurement of their video campaigns.

    Mollie Cahillane

    Senior TV Reporter


    Laura Grover

    SVP, Head of Client Solutions


    Pedro Almeida

    Founder and CEO


    Yee Pang

    Group Director of Research & Measurement

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