WATCH NOW! Delayed Adulthood: Why Younger Generations Are Achieving Key Milestones Later in Life
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A VAB INSPIRE WEBINAR - Delayed Adulthood: Why Younger Generations are achieving key milestones later in life

This session shares the highlights and key takeaways from our newly released ‘Delayed Adulthood’ marketer’s guide, which discusses how the traditional path to adulthood, and the consumer milestones associated with it, has been changing for decades - which was further exacerbated by the economic and social conditions surrounding COVID – and what this means to marketers and their approach to targeting.

You'll Learn about:

  • The reasons why people are delaying adulthood
  • The revenue opportunity with adults over 50
  • The importance of a more modern audience-first targeting approach - one that focuses on life stage, characteristics and habits.



Leah Montner-Dixon

VAB Associate Insights Director

Karolina Guillen

VAB Insights Manager

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