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VAB Spotlight on Streaming Executive Roundtable Series 2023

3 Days of Executive Roundtable Discussions on Streaming

Tuesday, April 18 - Thursday, April 20, 2023

Throughout the next few months, marketers will be making decisions about how to invest their video ad dollars. In a converged TV world, with half of these adults now 'cordless', streaming takes on a heightened importance in video strategy decisions. 

Our goal is to provide you with the latest data, analysis and actionable insights upon which to make informed marketing decisions. Inspired by our partners in the industry, we bring you VAB's Spotlight on Streaming Week for roundtable discussions between industry leaders on the current state of streaming, the future outlook of streaming and the opportunities it provides for advertisers. 

DAY 1: State of Streaming in 2023

The must-know trends, viewing behaviors and marketplace dynamics

It’s Time to Unify Television. The TV experience is entering an entirely new phase. Modern viewers are now spread across screens, platforms, locations, and devices. As TV becomes increasingly fragmented across digital, advertisers have to take multiple factors into consideration. From consistent, cross-channel measurement to personalized, interactive creative and a focus on outcomes over reach and awareness -- hear from industry leaders on where the market is today and where it needs to go for TV to reach its potential.

This session explores how we can make the future of TV unified and converged to give the best experience to both advertisers and consumers.

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DAY 2: Future Outlook and Innovation on Streaming

Be prepared for what's next in video streaming

In this discussion, we focus on what’s next in streaming to equip marketers with a longer-range view of the landscape. Topics include platform consolidation, evolving business models, new technologies and targeting and measurement innovation.

As marketers look to test and learn, this conversation explores innovations in streaming. We talk about what new innovations are offered such as ad/product integrations, interactive ad units, targeting technology/capabilities, measurement and identity reconciliation.

DAY 3: Streaming Opportunities for Advertisers

The growth of ad-supported streaming and how it's impacting campaigns

Viewers continue to watch video content across screens and platforms, offering marketers more touchpoints and influencing how they plan their video campaigns.  In this session, we discuss the growing number of streaming advertising opportunities available, ranging from AVOD, the growth of FASTs, new ad formats, ad/product integrations, interactive ad units and other advanced TV solutions.

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