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Discover the Difference

How Culturally Relevant Video Content Drives Action By Multicultural Audiences

Black, Hispanic & Asian Americans will account for 40% of the U.S. population by 2023 and currently spend $2.2 Trillion annually.

These growing audiences offer a tremendous opportunity for video programmers and distributors as they are deeply passionate about premium video. To quantify this engagement opportunity across segments, VAB conducted a custom study of over 1,000 adults, with a focus on Black, Hispanic and Asian Americans, to better understand how culturally relevant premium video inspires purchase decisions and social involvement.

 Here are the 5 Insights Essentials from Discover the Difference

  1. Multicultural viewers are deeply committed to TV programming
    • Asian American viewers are 113% more likely* to feel personally connected to the actors and personalities on their favorite TV programs.
  2. They thirst to learn and engage more with their favorite programs and actors
    • Hispanic viewers are79% more likely to follow or like TV programs, characters or actors on social media.
  3. TV programs and personalities influence and inspire them to make purchases
    • Black viewers are 65% of more likely* to purchase a product they saw on a TV program or endorsed by a favorite TV personality/actor.
  4. They are highly motivated by TV content to take social action
    • Black viewers are 116% more likely* to be inspired to register to vote based upon something they saw on TV.
  5. They are avid moviegoers who are influenced by cinema advertising
    • Hispanic viewers are 61% more likely* to visit a brand’s website to learn more about a product they saw advertised in the theater.

*vs. non-Hispanic white adults

For an in-depth look at our study’s findings, download the full marketer’s guide. 

For the highlights, check out our brief video recap.

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