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Finding Your Niche: Uncovering Advertiser Value Within Specialized Cable Networks

Sports. Film. Family Entertainment. News. Music. Home. Food. Science. Docudramas.

Cable’s niche networks offer a diverse mix of programming across these genres and more, allowing marketers to target a variety of specialized and passionate enthusiast groups. These niche networks complement a marketer’s TV plan by driving value against targeted consumers.

  • Reach: Collectively, niche networks reach more than two-thirds of the total population each month, which allows these networks to provide an incremental reach potential against targeted enthusiast groups.
  • Commitment and Engagement: Viewers devote a significant amount of time to watching niche cable programming and their ability to capture viewers' attention and captivate their innate curiosity leads to 88% of niche networks being viewed live.
  • Opportunity for Advertisers: Niche cable networks appeal to advertisers across a wide variety of company sizes, industries and business models. Niche networks are also relied upon by direct-to-consumer (DTC) brands, which are performance-driven, data-focused and obsessed with buying media that delivers business outcomes.
Niche Networks Reach Over Half of the Total Population Each Month During Prime
Niche Network’s Primetime Share of Time Spent Has Grown Steadily Over the Past 10 Years
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