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Fresh Perspectives in Measurement Innovation

TVOT! Live 2022

Measurement innovation is exciting for our industry. At the same time, this rapid pace of change requires a constant need to stay informed. In these three short conversations, you'll hear from those industry leaders advancing measurement in several key areas. We'll hear their perspectives on the latest in advanced ad targeting, identity graphing and CTV, and how they are helping marketers to quantify success.  

Advanced Ad Targeting and Data  

Advanced audience targeting, leveraging a deep understanding of the customer, benefits your marketing strategy by improving the effectiveness of marketing efforts, as well as the insights that drive future strategies. Learn how marketers can employ advanced targeting tactics to reach engaged audiences at scale and better quantify the impact of their investment.
Panelists include:  
  • Aleck Schleider, CRO, Blockgraph
  • Hasan Rahim, VP of Advanced TV, a4 Advertising, Altice USA
  • Jessica Hogue, GM of Measurement and Industries, Innovid
  • Sean Cunningham, President and CEO, VAB (Moderator)    

About Identity: Exploring Identity Graphing and CTV 

The combination of digital's precision targeting with the premium content and scale of TV provides marketers with a growing opportunity to reach consumers across connected channels. As viewership continues to fragment, it grows more important to identify audiences as they move across devices and locations throughout the day.  Learn about the platforms that can link people, households and devices for targeting that scales.

Panelists include:
  • Craig Berlingo, Chief Product Officer, MadHive
  • Hamid Qayyum, EVP of Products and Marketing, Stirista
  • James Shears, VP of Global Business Development, Conviva
  • Sean Cunningham, President and CEO, VAB (Moderator)   

 Quantifying Impact: A Conversation on Outcomes and Attribution  

The growth of precise TV measurement tools puts even more pressure on marketers to demonstrate an ROI on their investment. Learn the performance solutions and campaign metrics that are available to help marketers quantify impact. See how content producers and platforms are using engagement metrics to better monetize their content.

Panelists include:  
  • Carol Hinnant, CRO, Comscore
  • Ken Norcross, Senior Director of Data Strategy, VIZIO
  • Sean Cunningham, President and CEO, VAB (Moderator)
  • Tom Keaveney, President, 605


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