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A Second Look: 10 Slides to Help Marketers Adapt Their Plans In Today’s Landscape

Here are the 10 of our most requested, most talked about content to help marketers plan ahead in today’s media landscape

It is more important than ever that marketers ensure they are planning smart and efficiently for what’s ahead given the current, often unpredictable realities. These 10 slides provide tangible, actionable strategies to help marketers adapt their plans in today’s landscape and drive better business results for their brands.

A few things you’ll learn in this quick read:

  • How ‘working-from-home’ creates more opportunities to reach consumers throughout the day and across multiple devices
  • Why programming relevant to cultural identity brings greater engagement and how that plays a big role for multicultural viewers in the content they connect with
  • How diversity & inclusion ad campaigns drive better business outcomes - increased positive sentiment, digital engagement, and website traffic, see direct results from leading brands
  • Movie theaters are re-opening! How cinema advertising evokes consumer action, delivering meaningful outcomes for brands(download the infographic)
  • Sports Are Back!: How brands are helping fans recreate game day experiences at home in the time of COVID

You can also download the full reports by clicking through any of the charts you see.

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