Top 6 Connected TV Trends in 2024
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Top 6 Connected TV Trends in 2024

Stay current on the fastest-growing device in video: ad-supported streaming, bundles vs. churn, content discovery and more

As CTV outpaces mobile and desktop viewing, now is the time to stay ahead of these consumer behavior trends.

Informed by the latest data from industry leaders like Samba TV, DISQO, Innovid and more, our Insights reveal six current trends that position Connected TV (CTV) as both a powerful reach vehicle and a dynamic engagement platform.

You’ll find the latest on hot topics like:

  • How has CTV viewership grown in the last few years?
  • How are viewers discovering new shows and movies?
  • Do people actually like ads in their streaming content?
  • How do I increase engagement with my CTV ads?
  • How are streaming bundles working out for the platforms?

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