Our Top 10 insights charts of the 1st quarter
Insights: The VAB Top 10

Our Top 10 insights charts of the 1st quarter

VAB’s 10 most popular charts to keep you up to date on trends, analysis and opportunities in video advertising

The VAB Top 10 of Q1 2023

To help busy marketers stay up to date with the latest data, insights and analysis, we’ve gathered our 10 most-read charts in the first VAB Top 10 of 2023.

Among the stats and analysis, you’ll see how:

  • TV is a catalyst for business growth by igniting revenue for brands during the launch year of their first TV campaign
  • Streaming delivers scale as streamers across all ages are now watching at least one ad-based streaming service and FAST services now being watched by over half of adult streamers
  • Census-level data plays an integral part in viewership data collection across demographics, platforms and geographies
  • TV creates a ‘halo effect’ on website visits as brands see more visitors after their TV campaign launches, even in months when they are not actively on TV
  • And much more!

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