Weathering the Storm
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Weathering the Storm

TV’s Resilience Amid A Pandemic & Economic Uncertainty

Last year, facing and uncertain environment, many brands questioned their marketing plans. At the same time, many savvy marketers knew that maintaining or increasing their SOV was critical to protecting their brand in the short and long term. 

Consider that $460 Million from 110 first-time advertisers entered the national TV marketplace in 1st half of 2020.

This report shares the scale at which brands turned to national television and, most importantly for advertisers, why that helped them successfully navigate the time of crisis. Supported by brand case studies, spend data and attribution analyses proving business outcomes, this report offers 4 key lessons for marketers looking to successfully steward their brands through this period.

Equip yourself with the 4 key lessons for success to drive results. Download the report below.

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