Why Advertise on Multiscreen TV?

The six key elements of a strong advertising platform

Offers Unparalleled Scale and Reach

The scale and reach potential of multiscreen television is unrivaled, enabling your message to reach more new and repeat customers. With the explosion of new video platforms, advertisers can expand their reach beyond linear TV to include mobile and digital platform such as Video-on-Demand (VOD), over the top (OTT), and TV Everywhere (TVE).

  • 85% of adults and 73% of millennials (18-34) are reached by linear TV (Live + DVR) each week.

  • In any given minute, there are 8x more adults watching multiscreen TV than are on YouTube, and 12x more than those using Facebook.

  • Nearly 30 hours of linear TV is watched by adults each week.

  • 7% of adults are reached on internet connected devices each week.

Ignites Sales and Business Outcomes

The ultimate goal of any business is to sell more of their products or services. Multiscreen television has the proven ability to increase sales and revenue leading to business growth.

  • 125 direct-to-consumer brands, digitally native, data-driven, outcomes-obsessed brands, spent $3.8B on television in 2018, a 60% increase vs. year prior.

  • 76% of the top 25 auto manufacturers experience a direct correlation between TV spend and web traffic, illustrating the power TV has to drive website traffic.

  • 32% increase in sales by a CPG brand employing advanced TV targeting of low-loyalty purchasers.

Fosters Emotional Connection with Viewers

Premium, professionally produced content fosters an emotional connection with the viewer. This connection halos to advertisers, which aids in brand perception, recognition, and driving outcomes.

  • Consumers are 3x more likely to engage with a brand they are emotionally invested in.

  • 69% of adults say watching their favorite TV show is their “me time.”

  • Millennials are highly engaged with ad-supported TV. As a result 43%, have purchased a product they saw on TV (either in a program or an ad).

Increases Brand Fame Through Social and Cultural Relevance

Premium video programming has the ability to stir conversation and discussion. For advertisers, this provides an opportunity to align their brands with culturally relevant programming. It also provides a stage where they can elevate themselves to be top of mind with consumers and further engage viewers online.

  • A recent study found that 84% of the top-10 trending primetime Twitter topics were related to ad-supported TV.

  • 59% of millennials regularly talk about their favorite TV shows with friends, family, and co-workers.

  • TV weaves its way into our everyday lives—43% of millennials have eaten at a restaurant because they saw it featured on TV and 55% have used a TV-related phrase in everyday conversation.

Provides Exceptional Measurement, Data and Analytics Capabilities

Data and measurement have evolved significantly in the last few years enabling marketers to fully quantify and appreciate their investment in TV. The application of data science makes marketing plans sharper and ensures every dollar you invest is working its hardest.

  • 18% of the ROI typically attributed to search, display, and short-form video is actually driven by multiscreen TV.

  • A financial services brand utilizing addressable ads generated a 102% increase in account signups.

  • A luxury retail brand was able to quantify a 37% increase in store visits by tying their store traffic to HH exposure of the connected TV ad campaign.

Delights With a Premium, Brand-Safe Programming Environment

Multiscreen TV advertisers can rest easy knowing their customers will only see their ads in a brand-safe environment via a transaction that is fully verifiable and transparent. Ad-supported TV offers the quality, engaging, professionally produced content that delights viewers and marketers.

  • Content environment matters—37% of consumers change how they think about brands that run alongside negative content when it is time to consider a purchase.

  • 100% opportunity to see TV ads.

  • Television is the #1 trusted medium for political information, with 60% of adults saying it provides the most accurate political information and 68% believing it is the best medium to help them form an opinion on key issues.

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Advertising on multiscreen video is proven to take your business or brand to the next level of success. Whether you are looking to increase.

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Advertising on multiscreen video is proven to take your business or brand to the next level of success. Whether you are looking to increase.

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