How Do I Get Started Advertising on Multiscreen TV?

Inspired to create a campaign for your business? We will give you the basics to consider when planning and buying a multiscreen TV campaign. Keep in mind, your media partner (national content providers and local distributors) is designed to guide you through this process. Regardless of budget, they can help you answer any of these questions and put you on the right track to your first TV campaign. You may also check out our handy guide on How To Advertise on TV.

  • 1. Determine your advertising geographic footprint

    Your advertising footprint is typically determined by your product or service distribution and availability.

    • National Distribution / Direct-to-Consumer

      If your product is available to a large portion of the country or primarily transacted through e-commerce, you should consider national cross-platform TV advertising.

    • Local or Regional Distribution

      If your business or service is in town, a few markets or a specific region, local TV advertising is the right option for you.

    National and local advertising doesn’t have to be an either/or scenario. To maximize exposure and effectiveness, many advertisers create a multi-faceted campaign utilizing national advertising as their base awareness driver and then heavy-up in key local markets or regions with activation and/or sales messages.

  • 2. Identify your target audience

    Multiscreen TV has the ability to connect you with the right customer at the right time on the right platform. When developing your campaign, it’s important to determine who you want your message to reach–whether that is as many new customers as possible or a niche segment of buyers.

    • Demographic Targeting

      To maximize reach and benefit from the sheer scale of TV, businesses can target based on standard demographics (age and gender).

    • Addressable/Audience Targeting

      Businesses looking to reach a specific audience can hyper-target based on audience characteristics, such as buying behavior, life stage or behavior attributes. For example, recent car buyers, new parents or frequent visitors to your business.

      Addressable TV allows an advertiser to customize a campaign to certain target households based upon their characteristics.

    If you are unsure how to identify your target audience or what strategy is right for you, your media partner can guide you through the process.

    Additionally, if you want to learn more about particular consumer groups, such as millennials, adults 50+, or affluent consumers, check out Insights.

  • 3. Decide when you want to advertise

    Many brands select certain periods of the year when they run their campaign. As budget allows, others may have an ongoing presence.

    What’s right for your brand? When selecting the time periods you want to advertise, consider the seasonality of your product. In other words, which weeks and months are important for your category, for example, back-to-school or summer. You may also consider planning TV to support initiatives you have planned (e.g. promotions, sales, events).

  • 4. Establish success metrics

    Before starting a campaign, it’s crucial to determine what success looks like for your business. What are you trying to accomplish?

    Starting with definitive success metrics ensures you and your media partner will create the most effective and efficient campaign possible. With advancements in data and analytics, TV’s measurement capabilities enable you to track brand health metrics, such as awareness, website traffic or store visits.

  • 5. Contact your national and/or local media partner

    Your media partner should be looked at as a resource throughout this process. They have the tools to help launch your TV campaign and make your business a household name. Every day, they interact with businesses and clients who are new to TV so feel free to lean on them for advice and counsel.

    They will even help you create a TV ad if you don’t have one. Many of the media publishers have ad production capabilities and will create an ad for you.

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Advertising on multiscreen video is proven to take your business or brand to the next level of success. Whether you are looking to increase.

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Advertising on multiscreen video is proven to take your business or brand to the next level of success. Whether you are looking to increase.

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