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Address for Success: How Addressable TV Delivers Full-Funnel Outcomes

Addressable through MVPDs is a fast-growing segment of the ever-evolving TV ecosystem.

The precision targeting of addressable TV delivers a deeper level of personalization that enriches the consumer experience and builds greater relevancy and attention for advertisers.

This personalization leads to positive business outcomes across the full-funnel – awareness, consideration, intent, sales - for brands executing addressable campaigns.

Designed for marketing & advertising professionals across all levels, “Address For Success” provides a guide to the Addressable TV marketplace and features 12 real-world case studies across categories such as automotive, retail, CPG, travel and financial.

Success is achieved through linear TV’s "scale of attention" and emotional engagement combined with addressable TV’s precision targeting, advanced data capabilities, scale and transparency, which drives consumer awareness, interest and action.  See below for just a few examples:

Full-Funnel Outcomes: A Snapshot


  • Learn how a cruise line made waves by increasing its aided ad recall by +25% through addressable


  • See how a travel advertiser took flight with a 13% lift in favorability through their addressable campaign.


  • Understand what a smart investment a financial brand made when it experienced a 102% lift in account sign-ups through a cross-screen addressable campaign.


  • Read how an automotive brand revved up sales through addressable with a 48% lift over a control group.

As a complement to our marketer’s guide, watch this short video that busts myths about Addressable TV .

The Benefits of Linear TV + Addressable TV Deliver Full-Funnel Business Outcomes
Addressable TV Has a Larger Footprint Than Netflix, Amazon Prime Video & Hulu


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