Summer Forecast
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Summer Forecast

Heating Up With Premium Multiscreen Video

When thinking about developing summer advertising campaigns,

it’s important for marketers to know that viewers stay connected to their favorite ad-supported video content across devices whether they are at home or on the go.

In fact, watching ad-supported TV and going to the local Cineplex are the two most popular summertime activities, more popular than dining out, going to the beach or barbecuing.

Check out the report highlights below for a summary of summer stats for premium multiscreen video:

  • 95% of P18+ watch ad-supported TV during the summer.
  • People typically watch more TV on holidays; for instance, teens watch 33 more minutes of TV on Memorial Day than the average.
  • Ad-supported TV accounted for 68% of the top 10 trending Twitter topics during a summer holiday analysis.
  • Summer cinema admissions were up +17% overall; +39% for teens, +9% for P18-49 and +83% for P55+.
TV's Monthly Household Reach Remains Steady in Summer
Time Spent Watching TV Rises During Summer Holidays

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