Why Advertise in Cinema?

Eager to get started developing your own cinema ad campaign? Let’s first remind ourselves why cinema advertising builds brands and drives successful outcomes. Check out this white paper for more on the strengths of cinema as a video advertising platform.

The six key elements of a strong advertising platform.

 OffersUnparalleled Scale & Reach Offers Unparalleled Scale and Reach

76% of the U.S. population goes to the movies each year.

Ignites Sales & Business Outcomes Ignites Sales and Business Outcomes

Popular movies can increase tourism by 31%, on average, to their featured destinations.

Fosters Emotional Connection with Viewers Fosters Emotional Connection with Viewers

Cinema offers a lean-in and engaged viewer. The result is an emotional connection to films and characters that lives for decades.

Increases Brand Fame Through Social and Cultural Relevance Increases Brand Fame Through Social and Cultural Relevance

Film has made an indelible impact upon our culture in a myriad of ways, including the creation of apparel, branded theme parks, Halloween costumes, and the creation of Broadway shows.

Provides Exceptional Measurement, Data & Analytics Capabilities Provides Exceptional Measurement, Data and Analytics Capabilities

A variety of research opportunities allow campaigns to be measured for their impact across the consumer journey, from awareness to sales.

Delights With A Premium, Brand-safe Programming Environment Delights With a Premium, Brand-Safe Programming Environment

The MPAA ratings system provides viewers and advertisers clear understanding of the content environment.