How do I get started creating a cinema ad campaign?

  • What is cinema advertising?

    There are a variety of advertising options within cinema. There are, of course, on-screen opportunities, where you can run your video ad or a short piece of branded video content. They offer an engaged, lean-in environment. Additionally, there are interactive options, such as polling, games or trivia to engage the viewer. There are also other opportunities within the theater, such as in-lobby advertising, digital kiosks, and sampling.

  • Is it possible to advertise nationally or locally?

    There are many ways to customize a cinema advertising buy to fit your brand or business's needs. It’s possible to purchase a network of screens and theatres to create a national presence. An advertiser can also purchase specific markets, theatres, and screens that are most relevant to the geographic location of their business.

  • I do not have an ad agency and am not sure how to go about creating an ad–who can help?

    Many cinema advertising partners can help develop a campaign. See the cinema advertising directory below to speak with an ad salesperson.

  • When speaking with an advertising salesperson or my agency about a campaign, what are the key questions I should be prepared to answer?

    What are your brand’s goals? How will you measure success? These should be specific and measurable.

    Who are you trying to target with your message? Understanding which audience(s) your message is best suited for will help you craft the most relevant cinema ad campaign across film genres and markets.

    When do you want to advertise? Many brands select certain periods of the year when they run their campaign. As budget allows, others may have a more ongoing presence. What’s right for your brand? When selecting the time period you want to advertise, consider the seasonality of your product or business. In other words, what periods are important for your category. For example, the summer holiday weekends or back-to-school season. You may also consider planning advertising during initiatives you want to support (e.g. promotions, sales, events).

    What is the right budget? An agency or ad salesperson can work with you to craft an advertising schedule within a budget or budget range to help achieve your goals.

  • What are some of the basic advertising terms I should be familiar with?

    Advertising can be full of jargon. Check out our toolkit for handy guides to the most often used acronyms, terms and media math formulas.

  • Can VAB help me create an actual ad or develop an advertising schedule?

    The VAB is an insights and research organization. We are here to provide you with the analysis and tools to make fully informed media decisions, but we do not produce ads or campaigns.

  • Who can I speak to regarding putting together a cinema ad campaign?

    These partners can provide more information and help you develop the cinema advertising schedule that is best for your brand or business.

    • NCM
    • Screen Vision Media
    • Spotlight
  • Are there brand success stories or case studies I can refer to for inspiration?

    Yes! Check out our reports, Lights, Camera, Call to Action, The Surround Sound of Cinema or this short video for more on the power of cinema.