Lights, Camera, Call to Action!
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Lights, Camera, Call to Action!

The Driving Forces Behind Cinema Advertising

It is a period of heavy disruption and device proliferation across the nation with mass fragmentation permeating every corner of the video ecosystem.

Within this challenging landscape, a bright opportunity is found within cinema advertising.

While advertisers pursue elusive millennials across devices, this group can easily be found—undistracted, attentive and engaged—at the local Cineplex, which has become the new living room away from the home. Beyond just millennials, advertisers have been flocking to cinema as a way to further engage captive, desirable audiences. For example, in many ways, the cinema audience is highly valuable to advertisers—they are highly active and are spending more across several categories.

The powerful force of cinema advertising has made it hard for consumers to resist taking action after seeing an advertiser’s message on the big screen. In our custom analysis, it’s clear that for several brands, there is a correlation between their increased TV spend and growth in website visitors. This analysis explores the strength of cinema advertising and value of the moviegoing audience to marketers.

‘Primary’ Cinema Advertisers See Their Monthly Website Traffic Increase When They’re Active on the Big Screen “Primary” cinema advertisers reflect those brands who spend very little-to-no dollars on TV support and rely primarily on cinema for their targeted video adjacencies with premium, professional content
Cinema Provides Both Scale and High Concentration of Young People vs. Targeted Digital Platforms Cinema ranks #2 on composition vs. digital platforms with 50MM+ monthly unique visitors

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