Can Multiscreen TV Be Effective for Brands with Niche Audiences?
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Can Multiscreen TV Be Effective for Brands with Niche Audiences?

Answering questions about the power of multiscreen TV for niche brands

“My brand has a highly specific audience, I wonder if multiscreen TV is right for me?”

This is a question that may be familiar to you and many marketers.

This analysis explores small brands with highly specific consumer targets who are capitalizing on the effectiveness of multiscreen TV to accelerate their growth. 

You’ll find analysis that you can use to prove the importance of multiscreen TV advertising to your management, clients and other stakeholders, such as: 

  • The seven key reasons that brands launch multiscreen TV campaigns
  • How niche brands are leveraging data-enabled TV platforms and audience buying strategies to hit their KPIs
  • The impact that TV campaigns have on brand outcomes

Want to learn more about the importance of branding for niche categories? Download our marketer’s guide, Let it Grow: Understanding the Importance of Brand-Building for Niche Marketers for a more detailed look, deeper analysis and insights. 

For real-world examples of how branding drives KPIs for niche brands ranging from awareness to engagement to sales, download Let’s Get Down to Business: How Brand-Building Drives Outcomes for Innovative B2B Advertisers.

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