The Best Seats In The House
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The Best Seats In The House

Recreating The Gameday Sports Experience At Home

Passionate sports viewers are so excited for the return of live sports

As regulations prohibit in person spectating, the question marketers naturally ask is where do fans prefer to watch live sports? Where are they most engaged and attentive – and where are they most likely to take action after seeing my brand message?

To answer that question, a VAB custom study has quantified where and how fans prefer to watch sports. For many reasons, fans prefer to watch live sports at home and are highly attentive. Why is this important to marketers? Because it means that across ages, genders and ethnicities, that in-home sports viewership is a strong reach and engagement platform that drives consumer to take action with your brand.

What You'll Learn:

  • The 6 opportunities for marketers to engage with sports fans during this unprecedented time. How can your brand inject itself into the game day experience at home? How can your platform create programs and packages that meet the needs of advertisers.
  • The current calendar of live sports and what the viewing experience looks like – get the current schedules of already-scheduled
  • The reasons why in-home viewership is the preferred, which is particularly relevant during this time when in-person spectatorship isn’t possible.
  • Metrics that demonstrate the attention, engagement and action taken by sports viewers at home.


To learn more about where, how, and why viewers watch live sports, download the Best Seats in the House insights report below.

2020/2021 TV Sports Calendar
Sports Fans Overwhelmingly Prefer To Watch At Home

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