2018 Video Advertising Campaign
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2018 Video Advertising Campaign

Highlighting Results From The Industry's First Cross-Screen Video Ad Campaign

We are delighted to share this short video recap of the results from the 2018 VAB ad campaign,

an industry-first, cross-screen video ad campaign.

As you’ll see, it delivered on its main objectives of:

  • Influencing key business decision-makers on the ability of TV to drive business growth—a 21% lift in their belief that TV is the most influential medium for driving consumer action.
  • Increasing the exposure of the VAB and our industry-leading insights work—39x increase in VAB site traffic.

The success of this ad campaign was due in large part to the generous inventory contributions of our members. We once again thank our members for their participation and we look forward to showcasing more of these compelling brand growth stories in 2019!

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