2019 Founders Campaign- VAB Multiscreen National TV Ad Campaign
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2019 VAB Multiscreen TV advertising campaign

We launched the 2nd annual founders campaign, You Innovate. TV Elevates. with Touch of Modern and Peloton, two digitally-native profitable brands for whom television quickly became an integral component of the marketing mix.  Hear the authentic voice of company founders John Foley of Peloton and Jerry Hum of Touch of Modern describe how TV was a catalyst to their skyrocketing growth. 

Their stories aired on multiscreen TV on over 60 networks nationally and locally. 

You Innovate. TV Elevates.

Watch Jerry Hum, CEO and Co-Founder of Touch of Modern, talk about how TV has significantly elevated his brand.

Jerry Hum

CEO, and CO-Founder Touch of Modern

Touch of Modern is the leading ecommerce app for men to discover cutting edge lifestyle products.

As a digitally-native brand, when we started with television it was just an experiment and it ended up being the biggest portion of our marketing spend. If I were advising another company, I’d tell them to test TV out, but as a competitor, I’d tell them not to.

Jerry Humm

Watch John Foley, Founder and CEO of Peloton talk about how TV transformed his business exponentially in his story.

John Foley

Founder and CEO Peloton

Peloton is a global technology company revolutionizing fitness. 

Television continues to outperform our other marketing opportunities on a dollar for dollar basis, so it’s great for the brand and the bottom line.

John Foley

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