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Beyond the Headlines

The State of TV Today and the Opportunities of Tomorrow

Marketers place billions in the TV ad market annually. With so much evolution and change, what is the current state of TV as an ad platform and what are the future opportunities for growth?

Often our industry headlines seem to be dominated by the growth in streaming, OTT and cord cutting. As a result, the health and efficacy of TV as an advertising platform is sometimes called into question. It is therefore essential that we pause and look at the factsWhat is the current state of TV as a reach vehicle? An engagement driver? A catalyst for business outcomes? 

At the same time, video viewing behaviors – and new viewing options – are constantly evolving. To help you continue to put together impactful video campaigns, it’s also critical that we look at the future: Where will the future TV ad opportunities be and what should you start doing now to best prepare?

This A Fresh Take On equips you with what you need to know about using TV to drive business growth today and how you can set yourself up to sustain that growth tomorrow.

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