Audience Migration in Context
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Audience Migration in Context

Leveraging Population Shifts To Unlock $4 Trillion In Buying Power

How the aging population will impact your TV buying strategy

Immediate business growth lies within a consumer segment most brands are not targeting.  Adults over 50 represent nearly half the adult population and represent 4 out of every 10 dollars spent in the U.S. – nearly $4 trillion dollars a year!

But most marketers aren’t engaging them. Why?

Many brands are still buying TV on traditional demos of 18-49 or 25-54. By moving away from traditional age/gender demos and adopting an audience-first approach, marketers can unlock this segment, including its significant financial opportunity. 

This guide offers the analysis you need to unlock lucrative consumers with an audience-first approach. You’ll learn to:

  • Acknowledge the U.S. population shifts: The adults 50+ population has doubled in size over the last 40 years, reflecting an increase of 60 million people

  • Embrace the purchasing power and buying habits of adults 55+: They are active consumers with plenty of disposable income and time on their hands (they are more active and spend more than millennials!)

  • Think more multicultural: Over the next decade, multicultural audience segments will account for 78% of the total adult 50+ growth so marketing plans should be inclusive.

If you are on the constant quest for revenue and customer growth- here’s your answer. To learn more about how brands can unleash the full purchasing power of adults 55+, download now.

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