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An Insider’s Look

Why Brands and Agencies are Shifting to Audience-Based TV Buying

Over 90% of brand marketers say they are implementing audience-based TV buying to some degree. 

To understand how marketers are evolving their buying strategies, shifting their investment priorities and re-thinking their infrastructure to prepare themselves for innovation, we asked them.

This new marketer’s guide, An Insider’s Look, is our 2nd Insights release in a series of 3 based upon a custom survey of over 200 marketers. It highlights the unique attitudes and buying behaviors of 4 distinct marketer groups: agency teams managing larger and smaller-budgeted clients, and their brand marketer counterparts. See what marketers are saying…

  • To what extent is audience-based TV buying a key part of their strategy?
  • What percentage of budget is planned for audience-based TV buying?
  • To what degree is an audience-based TV campaign driving their business KPIs?
  • How satisfied are they with the transition to new ways of buying TV?

Missed Part 1 of the series? The VAB Top 10: A top-line view of how the industry is adopting audience-based buying can be found here.

Keep an eye on your inbox! Part 3 will be released in July. In this final piece, we’ll take a closer look at the challenges and barriers agencies and brand marketers are facing in fully embracing an audience-first buying mindset. See if others are facing similar challenges and be inspired with solutions to help overcome them.

Curious how your peers at other agencies or brand marketing teams are changing their TV buying strategies and setting themselves up for future success?
In our latest VAB Inspire webinar SVP, Director of Strategic Insights, Jason Wiese and Insights Manager, Reed Kiely share the highlights from An Insiders Look. You’ll get an insider’s look at the evolving TV buying strategies, attitudes and outlook of 4 specific marketer groups: small vs. large agencies, as well as brand marketers at small vs. large brands.

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