A Sea Change in Video Viewing
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A Sea Change in Video Viewing

Helping Marketers Find More Fish in the Streaming Ecosystem

Audiences are streaming video more than ever.

During COVID-19, video streaming became a daily activity for nearly half of the adult  population.

The continuous need for content is driving audiences to expand video viewing behaviors. This translates to additional reach across more audiences than ever.

In this report, you’ll learn:

  • How video streaming is experiencing a sea change, with audiences of all ages and backgrounds increasing their use and level of comfort with video streaming.
  • Why ad-supported streaming services are attracting content-hungry audiences with their vast supply of library content.
  • What the future of video streaming may hold as consumers begin to reach their limit on paid streaming services.

We simplify the current dynamics in video streaming, exploring the extent of shifts in streaming behavior in this analysis. To see the latest trends, data and insights, download the guide.

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