Welcome to TV - Full Year 2021
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Welcome to TV - Full Year 2021

Over $1.3 Billion in New TV Ad Spending from 315 Brands

2021 saw 315 new advertisers across 74 product categories invest over $1.3 Billion in national TV

Throughout our Welcome to TV series, we have brought you details on the new TV advertisers to help fuel your competitive intel or new business prospecting.

Over the last few years, of course, the landscape changed drastically with the onset of the COVID pandemic, resulting in new brands and product categories quickly sprouting up to meet our needs during that time.

However, through 2021, as vaccines rolled out and Americans began to look cautiously towards a post-pandemic future, we were curious about the lasting effects of the pandemic and how this might have impacted new TV advertisers. 

What we found were 315 new TV advertisers across 74 product categories who invested over $1.3 billion in national TV.

In this piece we answer:

  • What are the fastest growing categories and brands? And just how tied into the pandemic are they?
  • Where’s the competition? Which categories have the highest number of brands and investment?
  • What are the 16 consumer behaviors influencing the rise of these brands and categories?

You’ll also find the complete list of 315 new national TV advertisers, their category and their spend for your quick reference.

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