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$1.3 Billion in New TV Ad Spending From 283 Brands

Despite the economic uncertainty, 2020 witnessed $1.3 Billion in new TV advertising across 283 brands.

Most of us would agree that 2020 was a tumultuous year in marketing. Increased economic pressure and the urgent need to reinvent go-to-market strategies meant that media investment decisions were under intense scrutiny. However, despite this uncertainty, 2020 witnessed hundreds of new TV advertisers enter the marketplace. We give you a detailed look at these spenders.

What you’ll learn in this analysis:

  • Where is the Opportunity – or the Competition? Which categories grew hotter, how many new brands entered and how much did they spend?
  • What about COVID? How much of this new TV ad spend was driven by brands tied to the conditions of the pandemic vs. those that are unrelated? What can we expect in terms of future spend?
  • Are they Winning? What are the initial indicators of how successful these first-time TV advertisers have been?

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