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The New Kids on the Block - Full Year 2019

Over 100 new TV advertisers spend $840M on National TV in 2019.

Over 100 brands launched their first-ever national TV campaigns in 2019 spending $840M, disrupting over 61 different product categories.

But how might the COVID-19 crisis impact these new spenders?

Among these 114 brands are 75 direct-to-consumer brands. These digitally native, outcomes-obsessed brands are turning to TV to talk to and engage more consumers.

Similarly, many of the newly-advertised brands are home goods or delivery services that will likely become more central to our lives as homes become sanctuaries. These include home-fitness brands like Mirror, delivery companies such as Door Dash, Postmates and Shipt, and home goods like Grove, Instant Pot, and Avocado.

In this report, we’ll answer:

  • How much did each brand spend?
  • Which quarters are they most active?
  • How does a brand’s life-stage influence its TV spend?

To see which brands are spending and hear what their leadership is saying about their investment, download the report.

Welcome to TV

Welcome to TV

The New Kids on the Block - Full Year 2019

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