Welcome to TV – 1st Half 2021
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Welcome to TV – 1st Half 2021

$465 Million in New TV Ad Spending From 162 Brands

First-Half 2021 witnessed $465 Million in New TV Ad Spending From 162 brands

Through the first half of this year, the conditions of the pandemic continued to affect our daily lives and, of course, affected what types of products and services we sought out. But to what extent did the lingering effects of the pandemic impact the TV advertising landscape?

In this analysis, you’ll learn how the continuing effects of the pandemic are impacting consumer culture and, in turn, the advertising landscape. You’ll see:

  • Where your competition is: What does the competitive landscape look like in your category? Have there been new entrants and who are they?
  • The continued impact of the pandemic: Are the categories that have sprouted up or grown in response to the pandemic continuing to invest? Were new brands entering?  
  • Initial indicators of success: What are the initial indicators of how successful these first-time TV advertisers have been?
  • New business prospects: Where is the growth and where can you source new clients?

Stay up-to-date on the competitive TV landscape and equip yourself with intel on new business prospects.

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