What’s the Deal with Engagement?
Insights: Making Sense of Measurement

What’s the Deal with Engagement?

Answers to the most commonly-asked questions about measuring ad engagement, from the factors that increase it to the new metrics helping marketers better quantify it and its impact on a campaign.

Engagement is the experience of being connected to an advertisement or brand. This helps marketers understand how effective their advertising is with their audiences.

We are proud to share the newest piece in our series, “What’s the Deal with…” This 5-part series will provide you with clear, concise and straightforward answers to the most commonly asked questions about measurement. 

Today, we are sharing the third piece in the series which addresses 5 key aspects of measuring ad engagement. Ad engagement is a critical step in the consumer journey, forging a relationship between consumer and brand and moving them further down the funnel. This quick read will tell you what ad engagement is, which factors increase it, how it is measured and what new innovative metrics are now available to marketers to help quantify engagement.

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