What’s the Deal with Identity?
Insights: Making Sense of Measurement

What’s the Deal with Identity?

Get a closer look at Identity, the role it plays in video measurement and answers to the most commonly asked questions.

Identity is the ability to recognize an individual viewer’s (or HH’s) characteristics, viewing behaviors, purchase behaviors and other defining lifestyle characteristics.

It’s an exciting time for video measurement, with constant innovation and new opportunities. Of course, any rapid change brings questions. We are here to help simplify this change so you can embrace all that modern measurement has to offer.

We are proud to share the newest piece in our series “What’s the Deal with…” This 5-part series will provide you with clear, concise and straightforward answers to the most commonly asked questions about measurement. We provide answers to questions in these key areas: Viewership Data Collection, Identity, Engagement, Outcomes and What’s Next in measurement. 

Today, we’re excited to bring you “What’s the Deal with Identity?” In this piece, you’ll learn:

  1. What are the common types of identifiers?
  2. What are identity graphs and identity resolutions?
  3. How should privacy be factored into identity solutions?
  4. What are data clean rooms and what role do they play in measurement?
  5. What should I ask my advertising partners when it comes to identity?

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