What’s the Deal with Outcomes?
Insights: Making Sense of Measurement

What’s the Deal with Outcomes?

Answers to the most commonly-asked questions about measuring ad outcomes. Learn the ideal components to measuring them, common examples, best practices and lots more.

What are advertising outcomes and how can marketers measure them effectively?

We are proud to share the newest piece in our series “What’s the Deal with…” This 5-part series has been developed to provide you with clear, concise and straightforward answers to the most commonly asked questions about measurement.

Today we are sharing the fourth piece in the series which addresses key aspects of measuring advertising outcomes. Outcomes are the performance metrics that help marketers quantify their advertising and go beyond measurement to close the loop on their marketing efforts.

This quick reads shares:

  • The ideal components for measuring outcomes
  • Common examples of outcomes throughout the funnel
  • Common ways outcomes data is collected (and which companies collect data)
  • Best practices for marketers when measuring outcomes
  • And more!

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