Watch Now | Measure Up: A Data + Tech-First Approach to Navigating the Complex Advertising Ecosystem
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Measure Up:
A Data + Tech-First Approach To Navigating THE cOMPLEX ADVERTISING ECOSYSTEM

In an era of increasing viewership complexity, VideoAmp VP of Product, Peter Nummerdor and Director of Client Growth, Grace Golden unpack the importance of harnessing big data and a strong identity graph to effectively measure audiences across platforms. This discussion will provide insight into how advertisers and publishers are adopting a modern approach to media currency and measurement, and the wins for their business they are seeing play out in real time.

What you’ll learn from these industry leaders:  

  • The importance of big data, strong identity and clean rooms to enable precise measurement of audiences across platforms.
  • Real-world examples of how advertisers and publishers are leveraging these technologies to enhance their measurement strategies.
  • Practical takeaways on how to adopt these modern approaches without disrupting your workflows.

Watch Now:

Session Speakers


Ben Vandegrift

VP, Measurement Solutions and Innovations


Peter Nummerdor

VP, Product


Grace Golden

Director, Client Growth

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