3 Reasons to Advertise During a Soft Economy
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3 Reasons to Advertise During a Soft Economy

Justify spend leading up to upfront season with insights from VAB and our partners

Should I continue to advertise in an uncertain economy? 

Below are 3 reasons why academics, marketing professionals, Fortune 100 companies and financial analysts all agree that advertising during tough times is absolutely critical.

  1. Drives Short-term sales: An analysis of 400 brands that increased ad investment during a recession showed a 42% increase in ROI vs. other brands during that period.
  2. Results in Long-term growth: An analysis of 600 companies showed that those who maintained or increased their ad spend averaged significantly higher sales growth for 3 years after a recession vs. those brands who didn’t.
  3. Increases Market Share: Brands who invested in advertising during a recession saw an increase in their SOM at a rate 4.5x greater than brands who decreased their spend.

Below you’ll also find 4 resources for more data, analysis and rationale for maintaining ad investment.  

Keep Calm and Advertise On
How to Successfully Navigate Your Brand Through an Economic Downturn

This definitive guide arms you with 100 years of irrefutable data, proven marketing principles and real-world case studies that clearly demonstrate how maintaining or increasing ad spend will grow brand share of market, both in near- and long-term.

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Under Pressure
6 marketing strategies to successfully navigate your brand through inflation

During periods of inflation, consumers are increasingly price sensitive and may be looking more critically at what they purchase. Equip yourself with the 6 marketing success strategies - based on real brand examples and proven marketing principles - that protect and grows brands during periods of economic uncertainty.

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Lessons for Advertising in a Recession 
Partner Insights from The Global TV Group

Research consistently shows – and experts continue to advise – that cutting ad spending comes at a high cost to brand health and long-term business results. Our partners at The Global TV Group have compiled a collection of insights from international industry experts to help you navigate these uncertain times.

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Partner Insights from  

The Advertiser’s Recession Playbook by Upwave 
Make the most of your ad investments in 2023 and beyond

Amidst the current economic uncertainty, it’s understandable that advertisers may be tempted to cut spending–but decreased or halted ad spending can have long-term detrimental impacts on consumer awareness, brand equity, and the bottom line. Upwave's new Advertiser’s Recession Playbook helps answer the question: What exactly can advertisers, agencies, and publishers do to justify spending during difficult economic times? This Playbook outlines and provides Game Plans for three key strategies to help advertisers make the most of every ad dollar in 2023 and beyond.

Download on Upwave.com

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