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Exploring Multiscreen TV’s Front Row Seat to Live Sports: VAB Members Exclusive Supplement

What does the multiscreen TV value proposition offer to a consumer? A front row seat to 14,000 nationally televised live sports annually.

Whether viewed on a screen at home, a mobile device on the go, or with friends outside the home, live multiscreen TV sports programming is an undeniable opportunity to reach a passionate, committed and engaged audience every day of the year.

Annually, over 281 million viewers spend 22 billion hours in aggregate watching live sports on TV. This reach and engagement is further extended through out-of-home viewing, additional digital content and the availability of even more events on streaming platforms.

In short, multiscreen TV provides a guaranteed front row seat to thousands of live sporting events each year, available across devices regardless of where you are!

To learn more about the breadth of available live sports content and the reach and engagement of sports viewers, download this exclusive supplement available to VAB members only.

In addition, VAB conducted a custom research study of over 1,000 sports fans - ranging from casual to avid with additional analysis across age, gender, and ethnicity – to understand where, how and why fans watch live sports. Download the full marketers’ guide, Best Seats in the House HERE.

Multiscreen TV Is The Most Inexpensive Way Of Watching Live Sports
# of National Live Sporting Events Per Month
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