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How TV Drives Outcomes For Direct-Disruptor Brands

Today, many categories are being transformed by new product entrants which are forgoing traditional supply chains and developing one-to-one relationships with consumers.

By their nature, these data-driven, direct-disruptor brands have all had an active digital presence since their inception and have built and maintained a consumer-facing digital footprint since day one.

However, when these brands wanted to build market share beyond a core, albeit limited, customer base they added TV as a critical component to their media mix.  In short, TV is where these brands went to grow big.

In this analysis, we examine the TV spend of 50 direct-disruptor  brands in relation to key brand metrics like website traffic, online interactions and revenue.

The brands analyzed saw immediate positive business outcomes as they entered and expanded their presence in TV, and the proof is in the numbers:

  • “Emerging” brands saw an 83% lift in their website traffic once they launched TV.
  • “Expanding” brands saw an average increase of 188% in their search volume as they increased their TV investment. 
  • Both “emerging” and “expanding” brand segments saw significant revenue growth once they started spending on TV.

These performance-driven companies know exactly what media works for driving their business and it’s why these 50 direct-disruptors have collectively doubled their TV spending in each of the last two years. 

The 50 Direct-Disruptors Spent $1.3B on TV in 2017
TV Is The Catalyst That Jumpstarts Exploration & Conversation “Emerging” Brands: TV Spend vs. “Digital Actions” YOY % Increase (2016 vs 2017)

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