Igniting Today’s Headlines
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Igniting Today’s Headlines

How TV Brands Stoke the Fire for News

News consumption is on fire. This fire is ignited by the continuous stream of current events, analyses and opinions, which fuel the around-the-clock news cycle.

News consumption was up by double-digits YoY in 2016; however, interest in news did not subside in 2017. News audiences have been steady or, in some cases, exceeded the highs seen during the pre- and post-election coverage in Q4 2016.

The news category has been driven by the large majority of the population, which has an insatiable thirst for knowledge and a desire to keep up with all the breaking news in this ultra fast-paced environment.

Sitting firmly in the lead anchor chair within this news ecosystem are TV brands. More Americans spend more time getting their news from TV than any other medium, and TV brands are also the dominant force when it comes to online consumption.

News Is on Fire and One of the Hottest Genres in the Video Ecosystem With a 21% Increase in Total Time Spent
TV Continues to Be the Most Widely Used Platform for Adults to Get Their News

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