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Linear TV & OTT: Living Together in Harmony and Delivering More to Campaigns for Marketers

Ad-supported over-the-top (OTT) is a fast-growing area in video advertising. 

Nearly 70% of households now have access to an internet-enabled connected TV device, and total time spent streaming OTT is up 28% versus 2017. Yet, despite this growth opportunity, only 15% of marketers regularly include connected TV in their plans. Why?

As is often the case with rapid growth, there is a need for clarity, deeper understanding and probing analysis. Following the publication of our previous insights report, You Down With OTT, we tackled the next natural question advertisers and marketers struggle with:

How do linear TV and ad-supported OTT work together to impact campaigns?

Ad-supported OTT is simply an extension of the same premium, engaging, 100% verifiable, brand-safe content found on linear TV. When used in conjunction, they strengthen a video plan by offering a heightened opportunity for engagement, expanded and targeted reach and more premium ad environments, which ultimately result in better business outcomes.

  • More Engagement: Campaigns utilizing both linear TV and OTT enjoy a 2x increase in brand favorability versus. OTT-only plans.
  • More Reach: Ad-supported OTT adds both incremental reach and message reinforcement against several audiences, including high-value consumers—millennials, households with kids and the affluent. Consider that 13% of millennials are reached by ad-supported OTT alone.
  • More Premium Ad Opportunities and Outcomes: Data-fueled OTT targets a brand’s best prospective customers, which is proven to increase business growth and footfall traffic.
A Cross-Platform Campaign Can See a Healthy Increase in Brand Favorability
TV Drives the Majority of Millennial Reach Which Can Be Supplemented By Ad-Supported OTT


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