Requiem for a Stream - Parts I, II, and III
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Requiem for a Stream - Parts I, II, and III

An In-Depth Overview of the Streaming Video Ecosystem, Behaviors and the Relationship between TV Brands and Video Streaming

Note: this piece was released in 2016

The video streaming ecosystem is complex, with many services, ever-evolving behaviors and an endless supply of content providers, particularly ad-supported TV brands.

The industry is growing, powered by a growing demand from streamers who want more content that they can watch on their own schedule, and content providers are happy to oblige.

This three-part series was a highly popular, first-of-its-kind guide when it was released in 2016.

Part I: The Video Streaming Ecosystem explores the video ecosystem, and the many layers that exist within it, then delves into the evolution of the category, as well as the further advancements that are coming up on the horizon.

Part II: Video Streaming Behaviors examines the penetration and usage of streamers, then delves into behavioral insights that cover the who, what, where, why and how of streaming.

Part III: The Relationship Between TV Brands and Video Streaming looks at the TV environment and evolution of video consumption along with the effects that video streaming and ad-supported TV have on each other.

A Look at the Hyper-Competitive Video Streaming Ecosystem

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