Our Top 10 insights charts of the 2nd quarter
Insights: The VAB Top 10

Our Top 10 insights charts of the 2nd quarter

VAB’s 10 most popular charts to keep you up-to-date on trends, analysis and opportunities in video advertising

The VAB Top 10 of Q2 2023

To help busy marketers stay up-to-date with the latest data, insights and analysis, we’ve gathered our 10 most-read charts in the second VAB Top 10 of 2023. 

Among the stats and analysis, you’ll see how: 

  • Marketers are increasing their audience-based  buying investment in uncertain economic conditions to achieve their main campaign priorities throughout the funnel.
  • Marketers, like consumers, place their trust in the premium setting of CTV and perceive it as being less susceptible to ad fraud compared to numerous other digital platforms.
  • TV advertising delivers thousands of new customers monthly for small and medium-sized brands  across a variety of categories.
  • Streaming services have tripled their TV investment but have also shifted more towards promoting specific programs to aid viewers’ content discovery.
  • And much more!

Want more detail or analysis on anything you see? Once you’ve downloaded, simply click on the cover image for the Insights piece it is sourced from. 

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