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TV @ the Epicenter of American Society: Driving Commerce, Communal Experiences, Culture & Change

TV is everywhere…more specifically, ad-supported TV is everywhere.

The unparalleled influence of ad-supported TV programs and characters permeates nearly every aspect of our lives.

It extends well beyond the living room and into the physical world, directly contributing billions to the economy across several industries, sparking trends, influencing public policy, creating celebrities and inspiring cultural experiences like travel.

This two-report series shows that no platform drives commitment like ad-supported TV’s premium video-at-scale.

TV @ the Epicenter of American Society, Volume I: Commerce and Communal Experiences highlights how TV brands live at the center of commerce and communal experiences.

TV @ the Epicenter of American Society, Volume II: Culture and Change highlights how TV brands permeate popular culture and affect societal change.

For Many, TV Show Phrases Are a Part of Our Online Vocabulary, Often Without Us Even Realizing Where They Originated From
Recently, the Rise of Certain Popular TV Show Genres Has Coincided With a Rise in Interest Among Particular Fields of Study in College

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