Untangling Terminology Within Web3, Metaverse, Blockchain & NFT
Insights: Untangling & Glossary

Untangling Terminology Within Web3, Metaverse, Blockchain & NFT

Clarifying topics and terms

A Comprehensive 9-Page Glossary of Over 50+ Frequently Used Terms to Help You Navigate Web3

Need help sorting through the new vocabulary of Web3?


The web is evolving, and with that comes a host of terms like blockchain, NFT, metaverse, and cryptocurrencies. As the industry moves further into Web3, brands are utilizing it to find new ways of conducting business and engaging with consumers. Essential to embracing this new age of the internet is a basic understanding of the terms that make up the language of Web3.

To help keep you up to date with the latest vocabulary of Web3, we prepared this 9-page glossary with 50+ definitions. It is a useful reference for terms and concepts, but also provides insightful industry perspectives and future outlook.

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