Watch Now! The 5 Things You Need to Know (Members-Only Series - Summer 2022)
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The 5 Things You Need to Know to Help You Sell

A VAB Members-Only Series, Summer 2022

We’re pleased to bring back for a 5th time our members-only series, The Five Things You Need to Know. This series is designed specifically for you, our members, to support you as you sell and support ad-supported premium video. In these 20-minute sessions we’ll prepare you with the essential data, trends and insights you need to know as you navigate the marketplace. Our unique “marketer’s lens” means you’ll get an insider’s perspective on what advertisers are looking for when developing their campaigns. 

** VAB members - check your inboxes for the on-demand links. If you are a VAB member and haven't received the link, please reach out to Dylan at [email protected].

Session 1: The 5 Things You Need to Know to Sharpen Your New Business Prospecting

Based on the popular VAB Insights series, Welcome to TV, this session equips you with the intel you need to help identify the best new business opportunities. Did you know there were 315 new national TV advertisers, spending a collective $1.3 billion in 2021?  In this session, we will help you identify the best potential sources for new business this year and beyond. You’ll get an inside look at:

  • Which product categories are growing and why
  • The extent to which the lingering effects of the pandemic, as well as now inflation, are influencing advertisers
  • The new consumer behavior that are driving the growth of specific categories
  • Insight into the various campaign strategies new advertisers are employing

Session 2: The 5 Things You Need to Know from the VAB Measurement Innovation Task Force

The VAB Measurement Innovation Task Force was behind one of the largest stories in U.S. media in recent memory, exposing gross inaccuracies and a lack of transparency in legacy TV measurement.  Through a facts-first approach, the Task Force has been working to illuminate current issues with an eye towards creating a more modern, business-building future of TV measurement for the whole of our industry. This session will explain what the Task Force is and give you an insider’s look at its major findings, a must-know for those in ad sales, measurement, and ad tech. You'll learn:

  • How content providers and distributors can rebalance their research investment to measure what matters most to advertisers
  • How $690M in ad revenue and 54 billion TV ad impressions went uncounted, and thus could not be bought or sold
  • What the impact of this undercount was on specific programming
  • The detail behind two of the most urgent Nielsen measurement issues and why the Task Force is demanding clarification, transparency and action.

Session 3: The 5 Reasons Your Clients Should Embrace Convergent TV 

Over the last few years, the definition of “television” has blurred, with viewers seamlessly viewing linear TV and streaming programming across a growing number of platforms. Often we hear marketers lament this audience fragmentation, however the new converged TV landscape holds great opportunity. In this session, we’ll equip you with the clear reasons why a converged TV landscape offers such a strong opportunity to marketers. By understanding these reasons, you’ll be better positioned to speak with and sell to your clients and drive cross-screen revenue. We'll explore: 

  • How converged TV can drive incremental audience reach for advertisers
  • The increased opportunity to reach viewers via ad-supported streaming platforms
  • The benefits of targeted ads in driving engagement and action
  • The ability of converged TV campaigns to drive business outcomes
  • The 8 converged TV buying best practices you can share with your clients 

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