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VIDEO - This Will Be The First ‘Multicurrency Upfront’: VAB’s Sean Cunningham

Beet.TV BeetRetreat San Juan (March 16-18)

Television networks are gearing up for the upfront advertising sales season amid a period of upheaval in audience measurement. Media buyers and sellers will have more tools to set the value of advertising transactions, including more granular analysis of data to help predict business outcomes.

“Marketers over the long term will look back on 2022 and say, ‘That’s when the game changed,’” Sean Cunningham, president and chief executive of VAB, said in this interview at Beet.TV’s BeetRetreat. He added that this year’s upfront sales season has been dubbed as “the multicurrency upfront.”

“The absolute minority of deals in the upfront are going to be done just on looking at one measurement currency ‘truth set’,” Cunningham said. “The great news for brand managers and for advertisers is the fact that we’re now dealing with datasets that are in the tens of millions.”

See below for a snippet of Sean's fireside chat at this year's BeetRetreat in San Juan and HERE for more coverage from this year's BeetRetreat.

Consumer brands, especially those in mature industries, can find growth by diversifying their advertising to include the burgeoning market of Spanish-speaking consumers in the United States. 

That was one of the key messages from Donna Speciale, the advertising veteran who last year joined Univision as president of sales and marketing, in a “fireside chat” at the Beet Retreat conference on March 16-18. 

 “It’s an audience that can’t be missed and I still cannot believe — because I did my homework — how many marketers and advertisers don’t lean into this audience,” she said in conversation with Sean Cunningham, president and chief executive of trade group VAB.

Hear more of Sean and Donna's conversation below:

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