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A VAB INSPIRE Webinar - Beyond The Hype: A Performance Marketer’s Guide To Streaming TV

By Marketing Architects

Media headlines have closely followed the growing popularity of Streaming TV, and for good reason. It’s exciting news. With the pandemic dramatically accelerating cord-cutting, 70% of adults ages 18-34 now subscribe to at least one streaming service. After all, there’s plenty of options, with new players like Peacock, Discovery+, HBO Max and Paramount+ all launching in the last year. Additionally, new advances in technology claim to have pushed Streaming TV tracking, measuring and targeting closer to digital-like accountability than ever.

The trends are clear. Streaming is the future of television.

But for performance advertisers, Streaming TV may not yet be the present.

Despite significant and noteworthy growth, Streaming TV is still an emerging marketplace struggling with all the challenges typical to new technology and processes. The terminology alone can be overwhelming for anyone new to the space—which is just about everyone.

So, how can the modern marketer drive performance when dealing with all this complexity? This webinar will share findings from Marketing Architects' all-encompassing guide that cuts through the press buzz and industry jargon to highlight both opportunities and challenges facing Streaming TV advertisers.

You'll Learn about:

  • Audiences and the differences between demographics and linear.
  • Opportunities for targeting, measuring, etc.
  • Challenges that performance marketers in particular are facing
  • How to tailor strategies for each platform, define goals/KPIs, etc.



Angela Voss, Chief Client Officer, Marketing Architects

As Chief Client Officer at Marketing Architects, Angela’s definitely someone you want in your court. She’s spent nearly a decade crafting meticulous campaign strategies that have delivered extraordinary ROI for our clients. Her in-depth TV marketing knowledge has not only helped her team overcome industry challenges, but also driven record-breaking profit. And while it’s no secret that Angela’s a fearless leader, not everyone knows she’s also a kid at heart. A day with her three daughters spent playing with rainbow hair chalk, glitter tattoos and dress-up clothes is a day well spent in Angela’s book.

Catherine Walstad, VP Media, Marketing Architects

Catherine’s always been addicted to adventure. After years of trick racing, rappelling off cliffs, and trekking across glaciers, Catherine discovered a new passion that comes with far fewer broken bones: media buying. A young star at LAKANA, she earned her stripes managing campaigns on during the Athens and Torina games, thrilled to work on multimillion-dollar accounts like Coke, Kleenex, AT&T, and Visa. It’s no surprise that when Catherine joined Marketing Architects, she steered it to its most successful year in TV. She says it’s the thrill of launching new clients and finding big breakthroughs that gets her adrenaline pumping now.

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