Cynopsis Measurement & Data 2021 with Marianne Vita
VAB Leading Conversations

Cynopsis Measurement & Data 2021

Targeting Niche Audiences 

With an eye towards addressing a range of diverse constituencies, what should we be doing as an industry to better target and deliver to niche audiences – from both a programmer and marketer perspective. A look at microsegments and how they can be best combined. 

Speakers Included:

Bill Daddi President Daddi Brand Communications - Moderator 

Sam Garfield VP Data Intelligence AARP Services 

Betsy Rella Vice President, Research & Data New York Interconnect 

Marianne Vita SVP, Director of Integrated Strategy & Marketing VAB

What are nice audiences?

“It can be groups that are not being marketed to like older adults. We’ve done lot of work and insights pieces on the fundamental disconnect. Half of the US population is over the age of 50. It underscores the need for us to shift from traditional buying on age and gender. It needs to be based on lifestyle and purchase behavior.” - Marianne Vita

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